An unsentimental, fast paced tale of an eleven-year-old fending for himself during the WWII Occupation of Holland.
Experience with Fred, the raging Battle of Arnhem, near misses with the Gestapo, living in a chicken coop, a mad dash across no-man's land, all the while moving between twenty-six hiding places to stay out of Nazi hands. 

Fred's life-like reportage of his war memories touches veterans, modern day readers and young people alike.
Into 18th printing with over 9,000 sold.  Canadian Best Seller status granted.  Call Me Mom with Dutch text now available as Zeg maar mamma ISBN 978-94-6228-026-7. Further details from
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    ISBN 9780 973 6870 26 English Text
    ISBN Electronic Version 978 0973 6870 33
    ISBN 978-94-6228-026-7 Dutch Text