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I will tell you once and for all that this book "had" to be written".



"Hello - I read your book and was amazed about your survival and struggles.  I am eleven years and I am very interested in WWII and the Holocaust.  My Dad read your book too.  I am sorry for all the trouble the Germans put you through."  K.P. - Calgary

"I met you in Chapters some time ago and bought your book. For one reason or another I wasn't able to read it until now. WOW. What an awesome book for the story and the writing style. I opened it up at 9pm so I could read a couple of chapters before I went to bed, and ended up staying up and reading the book. I loved it." G.D. - Calgary

"My wife recently bought your Call Me Mom which she plans to give to our son (currently 2 years) to help him appreciate what those before us have sacrificed for us to live in this wonderful country.  I really enjoyed your story and thought it was well written.  Congratulations on your great accomplishment." J.C. - Calgary.

 From RICHARD de BOER, Nanton:
"I finished reading your book last night. I found it touching, powerful, revealing, personal and very moving.  Thank you for writing it.  Reading it helped me to broaden my understanding of the times and some of what my parents and all Netherlanders lived through.  Over the years I heard many stories, mostly from my father who was born the same year as you were, about his adventures and fears of living through the Occupation years.  His father was very active in the resistance..........Yours is an incredible tale and I thank you for sharing it........." 

"Fred. I purchased your book on Thursday and just finished reading it this morning.  Thank you for sharing your wartime experiences with us.  You wrote "never again" on the opening signature page, and I could not agree with you more.  Thanks again for having the courage to write about this hard time in your life, and for letting us all know what folks like you had to go through to survive." D.F. - Calgary

"I picked up your book CALL ME MOM earlier today, and found it so engaging that I finished it in one sitting. Long story short - I just wanted to say I was thoroughly impressed by your book. Great, great read." S.W. - Calgary

"I met you at the Edmonton Boat Show in March. We discussed my grandfather who was one of Holland's liberators in 1944-45.  I finished your book and just wanted to thank you for writing it.  It is a story that had to be told.  I have gained a greater appreciation for those who sacrificed so that we could enjoy the freedom we enjoy today - those who sheltered you, my Grandfather, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice." M.S. - Edmonton
"Fred: Thanks for writing your book CALL ME MOM. Life like that was all around us.  I lived in Het Gooi, we moved in time out of Amsterdam in 1940, and I have of course my own story, especially about the "honger winter". I am 87 years old and work full time as a wood sculptress.  What a story you had to tell us! I could not put the book down."  N.H. - Troy,Ml

"Thank you for sharing your story. I knew, of course, that you were a child of the holocaust, but not much else. It must have been difficult and perhaps cathartic to revisit and write about your experiences. Your memory is terrific, but perhaps when you experience so much that is traumatic, the memories won't go away. The story was delightfully told without embellishment and it felt as if I was going through it with you........." R.M. - Venice, Calif.

"I am not surprised it has gone well.  It is a great story; I devoured it.  Our meeting was a memorable one for me." B.K. - Calgary
"Thank you for signing copies of your book for me.  It is an amazing and necessary read! And you are right - not a boring page in it.  I could not put it down.  All the best." S. L. - Calgary

"We were fortunate to meet you last Saturday at the Dutch Cash & Carry, and even more fortunate to be able to obtain CALL ME MOM. I read your book in one day and night, and I feel so fortunate to read about the War History of Holland. I was born in l945 so I missed the war. Your book is a wealth of history and military knowledge. The book is absolutely riveting and I thank you so much for writing it. The book brought tears because of what you went through during these harrowing years. It was almost like watching a movie, the way you describe all you witnessed, and at such a tender was my intent only to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this book." F.W. - Calgary
"My father in Nova Scotia thoroughly enjoyed your book.  He told me that one of his cousins was a book-keeper at your first hiding place.  My Tante Elly is reading the book now and she lives in Whistler, BC.  Your book is being enjoyed coast to coast! J.VZ - Calgary

"Maria let me read her copy of your book, which I loved and finished in two days. I could not leave it alone......Thank you for this wonderful book." G.J.tK - Nanaimo, BC

"What a compelling read! Practically burned the cookies.  Best of all your editor has allowed you to 'keep your own voice, vocabulary and expressions'; the reader feels you are talking just to them." J.D - Calgary

"I met you earlier today in the Lethbridge Chapters. I purchased your book and was unable to put it down in the three hours it took for me to read. What a lifetime you have lived even before you were 14." A.S. - Lethbridge,