The Author

Fred’s home was in Drenthe,  northeast Holland, where he led a stable family life dominated by his father’s 200 year old family business.
The Germans attacked and occupied Holland in May 1940.  Life progressively worsened for the Dutch, and Fred was forced into the underground. He survived on his own but not without help from many courageous Netherlanders.   The Allies liberated Holland in 1945 and Fred reunited with father and siblings.  He continued his disrupted education at a Montessori high school, and then studied retail management.
He emigrated to Canada in 1952 and worked in major cities from coast to coast. He settled in Calgary with his wife, where he founded an ongoing sailboat business.  After forty years he retired and captured his experiences in his first book, “The Sailing Game”.  He was persuaded to publish his equally exciting time as a boy during World War II.  In March 2009 “Call Me Mom” appeared, his personal account of survival.

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Fred, with his boat, at the 2011 Sea Spray North American Championships

Young Fred at Elizabeth Homestead Nov 42-July 43