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The Sailing Game

  Fred van Zuiden

    An in-depth look at survival in the small sailboat business.
    A gripping tale of making, selling and sailing boats.  Trade secrets mixed in with live interviews of boatbuilding biggies, world champions and other characters.
    THE SAILING GAME takes you from showroom to shore and back.
    * Hobie Alter tells his dramatic catamaran story
    * Laser's Steve Clark takes us inside the Laser factory
    * Secrets of racing champions and sailing teams
    * The boat show scene from the other side
    * A saga of stunning growth, receivership and recovery
    * The foibles and fun of boat building

THE SAILING GAME is available from either:
Glenmore Sailboats Ltd. 1520 Meridian Rd. N.E., Calgary, AB CANADA T2A 2N9

THE SAILING GAME is published in Calgary, AB, Canada by G.B. Batteries Ltd. - orders